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High Speed Projection Welder

BK Tool’s High Speed Projection Welder has provided industry with increased output, decreased down time, and improved quality in fastener welding. All of this has been achieved within short payback periods to the end user. Features include:

  • Capability to run multiple part types with push of a button change-over
  • Cycle time: 2.13 seconds per part (2 parts at 4.25 seconds per cycle
  • Improved quality over manual process through redundant weld checks: 1) current monitoring, 2) projection set down, and 3) robot pick at fastener
  • Auto quarantine of parts to a locked reject box if a “no good” condition is detected
  • Robot auto packs parts to end-user specifications (large or small totes, bulk pack, or conveyor pack out)
  • All tooling components are designed for easy removal to aid the end-user in preventative maintenance and future model upgrades
  • Designed to a fixed fastener spacing or variable spacing using a servo position weld gun tower