Internship & Co-Op Opportunities
Our Internship and Co-Op Program provides a hands-on experience to enhance your career path using the latest cutting edge industrial technologies and automated equipment.
Intern & Co-Op Opportunities

Co-Op Opportunities

In our facility we have cutting edge industrial technologies and automated equipment to solve almost any challenge. During your experience, you are assigned with tasks that are both beneficial toward your career interest and our company. Surrounded by our full-time team, they will be available to ensure the quality work you are demonstrating. 

Internships & Co-Ops

During the beginning of your experience, you will be checking dimensions and final reviews. As you gradually progress, you will be working with the details of motors, sensors, and customer interaction.

Experience & Skills

-CAD Technology

-Designing components

-Utilizing the latest design and simulation technologies turning concepts into realities.

-Communication and Organization Skills

During the beginning of your experience, you will be capable of creating designs from scratch or modifying any customers existing design to fit any application. 

Experience & Skills 

-Understanding and implementing designs from technical drawings. 

-Designing, wiring, and troubleshooting any control system. 

-Communication & Organization Skills 

Interested in an Internship or Co-Op?

At BK Tool & Design, we offer a complete Hands-on Experience in a Welcoming Environment with Flexible Schedule, an Open Office & Shop Floor, Casual Wear and Boot Reimbursement Program.